Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Junk Food HIT

OK, maybe not junk food as most people define it, this recipe involves a bottled salad dressing.

So. You buy "Zesty Italian Dressing" of any brand (NOT "lite", that stuff will kill you).

You take a bunch of chicken breasts, cut them up into strips, and marinade them in the dressing.

You COULD make the dressing from scratch, as I shall in future, back-engineering it, a simple red wine vinegar and olive oil blend with herbs and spices.

You bake the chicken right in the marinade.

Alongside that you serve pasta, veggies, and a cheese sauce.

All the flavours blend together on the plate. The zesty dressing oozes into the cheese sauce.

If you need more help, just yell, but seriously? Try it.


  1. Kraft Tuscan Italian is great for this too. It's what I use.

  2. Also great to marinade the chicken breasts and (when it is nicer out, of course) throw them on the gill for that char-broiled tastiness. ;) ~ Blessings!

    1. Yes you could. I'd burn it, but capable people could.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, I should have said - Sian told me about this.

  4. Oh I've done it. I've also used it as a substitute for other liquids on the frying pan.