Thursday, 18 July 2013

Stromboli, Sorta.....

It all began when a friend posted this on Facebook:

I liked the look of that. I have a serious pizza addiction and I'll take any excuse to eat something that is similar to pizza.

But after reading it more carefully I saw two basic problems.

Firstly, no sauce. Well, that's easily remedied.

Secondly, no veggies. Likewise.

Thirdly, some comments that the centre was raw when cooked for the time suggested. The answer to this was to let it cool after taking it out of the oven. I want this hot, for dinner, so I was a bit concerned there. I decided to slice it prior to cooking, like cinnamon buns to make sure it cooks through.

There were a couple of other changes that came to me right away, cheddar cheese instead of parmesan.

And my own bread dough, which I use for pizza too.

By this time it had become a rolled up pizza, and apparently that's called stromboli. Who knew. Except, well, it's not quite stromboli either really. But I'm calling it that because it sounds cool.

Anyway, Tom started prepping.

Because the humidity today is just this side of Bengal jungle, the dough didn't rise very well, but as it's being rolled anyway, I wasn't bothered.

We rolled the dough out, and began with sauce, instead of the oil (quite enough greasiness in the cheese and pepperoni, methinks). Added all the toppings.....well, fillings, I guess....... including some garlic, and added fresh herbs instead of dried because it's July and I can.

Then rolled it up and sliced it, just like when we make cinnamon buns. It all went very easily, and very little fell out. I just used the bits that did fall out to fill the end slices out, as they are always a bit puny.

Because we used regular bread dough we let it rise for 30 minutes, then baked it.

Took 30 minutes to cook, longer than pizza and DEFINITELY longer than the time suggested.

And........ we served it, perhaps a tad more elegantly than intended:

So what did it taste like?


This will be served at Sian's wedding. Oh yes.


  1. There we go. I was waiting for the final verdict. It certainly looks awesome. I see those who did not use sauce...which I intend to do....state they serve it with a marinara sauce for dipping. That sounds good as well.

    1. Sure, if you are into dipping. I'm not. As it was, this needed nothing.

  2. The slice before bake approach is a genius way of ensuring it all gets cooked through. I'm definitely giving this a go when the stars converge and I have all the ingredients in one place. :)

    1. I am here to report that it was not as good cold BTW. It was alright, but nowhere near as exciting.

  3. This looks so good. I'll have to show this to my kids.