Monday, 3 June 2013

Egg Separating in Four Easy Steps

I was asked about this recently and tonight we had to do some for a soufflé, so Tom agreed to demonstrate for a video. You are very honoured, because he normally runs a mile from cameras. Anyway, I hope this helps, seeing it done by a normal person (mind you, with Tom I use the term loosely) rather than a chef (although I would never be surprised if this one ends up cooking for a living......) to show it is not really as difficult as they'd have you believe. Don't be intimidated by eggs:)

Step 1: Crack the eggs as you normally do, but gently. Just enough to break the shell.

Step 2: Pull it apart, so that the contents are in one half.

Step 3: With your hand holding back the yolk, pour the white into a bowl. Some are more tenacious than others, you'll see one here that needed a bit more coaxing.

Step 4: Drop the yolk into a separate bowl.

There. What's hard about that?


  1. That reluctant one must have been laid that morning, I reckon! :) Separated like a boss. :)

  2. Oh they were all laid yesterday, but yep, he knows what he's doing in a kitchen that one.