Monday, 11 March 2013

Tom's Week - Day 1

"Tom, nobody needs a recipe for spaghetti bolognese, it's in every woman's brain."

"But this is MY recipe. Might be different."

It might.

We are having a busy week here at Boxallville and Tom volunteered to cook EVERY night to avoid other jobs. Well, fair enough, somebody has to do it.

Tonight is that old standby, spaghetti bolognese, and here's precisely how he does it.

Tom did the following:

Brown 2lbs of ground beef and pour off the fat. (Give it to the dog).
Add two diced onion, one diced green pepper and a lot (?) of crushed garlic to the meat and residual fat and sauté until tender. Add a lot (?) of chopped mushroom, and cook them quickly.

Now add two litres of tomato sauce (note: any type, home-made, store-bought, any flavour, plain crushed tomatoes, whatever) and stir in.

Now add:

1 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp cayenne
1 tsp thyme
2 tblsp oregano
1 tsp ground rosemary ("not effing twigs")
1 tblsp parsley

Stir it all in. 

Right. Turn the heat down low and let it simmer.

Now cook some pasta (multicolour rotini is good). 

When it's done, drain it, melt some butter on it, then add grated cheese (half a bar of old cheddar) and stir it until it melts. Serve topped with sauce. Crusty bread on the side is good. 
Garlic is better. 

Service with garden salad.



  1. That's pretty much how we do ours, except maybe without parsley and rosemary and with the cheese sprinkled over the top of the sauce and pasta, instead of mixed through the pasta. We also don't include salad with it, because the boys complain. I'd have salad, in fact I'd have a side salad with everything if we could afford it!

    1. Salad is popular here, but I have to put my foot down and say "garden salad with rich food" or they'd make Caesar, and......NO.

  2. Now...that's mean. lol
    I'm craving pasta, thanks to this! One of the few things I *can't* eat!

    It sounds excellent, Tom. Well done!

    1. Substitute rice or.......... fries!

    2. Or I'll just eat it as is. I do that a lot..I've never cared for rice or pasta to begin with, so I never developed a real love for it. This sauce would make it worth eating. lol But it's not worth the pain, so I'll skip that. A good crusty piece of bread with it *would* be worth the pain, though!

    3. I've done that when I really wasn't in the mood for rice. I only eat pasta with cheese on, so if there's no cheese I'd skip that too. But what I prefer is to slop it over a baked potato.

  3. About like I do here but no cayenne or rosemary. Now I am wondering if I should add cayenne next time. Oh and we don't have a dog so we just trash the fat.

    1. Just a pinch of cayenne and the whole thing sings. What does everyone have against rosemary?

    2. I find you have to be very careful with it or it can give a soapy flavour. I like it where it is the sole herb - such as when you poke bits into a leg of lamb.

    3. Really? I've never experienced that. I use it a lot, but we grind it.