Friday, 15 March 2013

Tom's Week - Day 5

Which I didn't eat.

Tonight Martin requested chili, and quite frankly, I'm not keen. The chili in this house is good, but I am just not a chili lover. Can't tell you why. Just something about it leaves me stone cold. So I had salmon.

Before I share the chili recipe with you I want to be quite clear on something. I do not claim to offer an authentic chili recipe. I am not from the part of the world where chili comes from.

My early experience of chili was in England, obviously, where it was ALWAYS called chili con carne, and was always served over rice. I don't really care for rice. It tastes of nothing, and it dilutes the flavour of the food. To me it's like pouring water on your dinner. But because the English are used to eating curry, and chili is sort of Mexican curry, it was served with rice. I did not invent this, so don't blame me.

IF I eat chili, these days, I have it with cheese on top. Somehow it needs that. But I'd rather not bother.

Anyway, this is our "everyday" chili recipe, simple, quick, ten minutes prep.

Brown ground beef, pour off fat and give to dog or cat. Add diced onions and peppers, cook until veggies are soft. Add tomato sauce and the Mexican flag seasonings. NO, silly, don't dice up a bloody flag. It's a mnemonic. For the green - oregano. For the white - garlic. For the red - chili powder. Then throw in beans and corn. Simmer. It's always well-received.

Oh sure you can spend all day slaving over a chili, but if you want it fast and still pretty good? Never had a complaint yet.


  1. I thought cheese always went on top of chili.

    1. I think it SHOULD! But that was a new discovery for me.