Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tom's Week - Day Three

Last night was Fisherman's Pie  and I know this is going to annoy you. Like many of the dishes I write about, we don't have a set recipe for this, it varies tremendously.

Fisheman's Pie is a potato-topped pie like Shepherd's Pie, and as a "peasant" dish it makes use of what you have rather than insisting on set ingredients.

So the first thing you need is fish, any fish, and plenty of it. Cook as much as if you were serving fillets. At least 4 ounces cooked weight per person. You don't need to fuss over this part of it, I just bake it, covered with foil. We used sole last night, but you can use a mixture, and you can include seafood if you wish.

Then you need some mashed potato. Please see previous blog if you need help there. (You could also use potato slices, if you are into au gratin).

Crumble the fish up, or leave it whole. Doesn't matter. Make sauce or don't bother. Add vegetables and/or seasonings, or not. Top with potatoes and bake. Yes, THAT flexible. This could really be an ultra-basic two ingredient dish, with everything else on the side.

But last night it was as follows:

Melt butter in pan, add diced onions, green peppers, and mushrooms. Lots of garlic too. Cook vegetables until tender, then add flour to make a roux. Add rich fish stock and then milk to create a thick sauce. Stir in cooked peas. Add black pepper and thyme. Mix this with fish (crumbled) and then top with potatoes and bake.

This was exceptionally good, but could probably even better. There's really no limit to the vegetables you could cram in here. Herbs are very much to your taste. My fish stock included salt and some herbs and spices (mace, parsley, bay leaf) yours may differ, or you can add these separately, and you can use whatever you like. If you have no fish stock (it probably has to be home-made, it is almost impossible to buy in a store in many places) don't worry, just add more seasonings.

The point is you can use up leftovers, or just eat it simple. You could fry the fish first for a different taste, you could add things to the potato. All I can tell you is that when this is on the menu here everyone goes wild with excitement.

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